Synth Service Provider

Welcome to Synth Service Provider, where I, Erik Polder, create custom recordings and samples from premium analogue synthesizers to take your music productions, film scores, and sound design projects to new heights. As a passionate sound designer and musician, I specialize in crafting unique and innovative sounds that are tailored to your specific needs.


At Synth Service Provider, I take pride in my commitment to quality and attention to detail. I use only the finest analogue synthesizers and state-of-the-art recording equipment to ensure that every sound I create is rich, textured, and full of character. My flexible and affordable services are designed to help you get the sounds you need without any hassle or stress.


Whether you’re looking for classic analogue synth sounds or something more experimental and cutting-edge, I’ve got you covered. I offer a range of preset sound options and personalized sound creation services to help you find the perfect sound for your project. And with my clear and compelling calls to action, you can easily contact me or make a purchase.


So why wait? Let me, Erik Polder, help you take your sound to the next level. Explore my website now and experience the power of analogue synthesizers in your music or sound design projects.